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Poem: It's Time to Change

I am so pleased that this poem I wrote after volunteering at my local football club for Time to Change last year is going to be shared with followers of the national campaign.

Every time I have something to say about unhelpful attitudes towards talking about mental health and mental illness (and feel myself losing compassion) I will refer to the wiser me who was able to step back and write this.

It's Time to Change

It’s time to change

The way we talk

About what’s in our heads.

Our hearts, our minds

With our bodies, connect.

They grow on what they are fed.

We all have mental

Health, it’s not just

A buzz word or a fad

Just because you

Need to talk

It won’t make others mad.

For the one in four

Those who have spoken

There’s strength that can be found

Sharing experience lived,

How love, hope

And empathy can abound!

For the “general pop”

Those that don’t or

Can’t imagine how it feels

To be reduced

To questioning

One’s life and lost ideals;

Remember it matters

The way we talk

To each other and ourselves (as we do).

We have a choice

To be kind, to encourage

The parts of us most true.

It’s easy to see

Other’s differences

To find easy to judge and compare.

But start with one person,

Sow seeds of understanding,

We’ll find common ground somewhere.

by Lena Britnell

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