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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Remember a while back I told you about my wellness strategies involving social media?

There are a proliferation of memes today, videos, slogans and hashtags which will hopefully trend and increase awareness of mental health.

Unfortunately, this does not always lead to a greater understanding or action to help elevate mental health to an equal position as physical health as seen by continuing stigma of the severely affected and the decreasing quality and quantity of mental health services in the UK.

Without getting on my soap box, there are loads of positive things happening all due to increasing the conversation about mental health and wellbeing and today is a big part of that.

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As you probably know by now, everyday is always #MentalHealthAwarenessDay in my house!

I have found it uplifting and useful to know throughout the year that others are out there fighting for the wellbeing of not just the #1in4 but for the #4in4 of us that care about someone who has problems with their mental health or who has a mental illness.

I wish to now share some organisations, groups and pages that I feel are doing something positive to help us all. I followed them and have found that this enabled me to be more informed about the management of my own mental health and also how I can be mindful of that of others.

They may give you some ideas on how you can perhaps help others, whether your nearest and dearest with some timely support or even your community by a show of gratitude that you have the resources to give something back.

Hope it's helpful!

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These are what make me look forwards not backwards:


My personal favourite websites - most are also on Facebook and twitter as well of course:

NB. There are many, many more contributing to the ongoing conversations on mental health and wellbeing - check out who the below follow as well to maximise your immersion in this world of compassion and courage:


There are many more - check out who the above follow as well and you will become immersed in a world of compassion and courage! Some useful hashtags below also:

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