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Feeling “a bit OCD”?! or Remembering the D in OCD during the pandemic

I reckon the gen pop are fairly safe from ‘being a bit OCD’ even in a pandemic.

Unless of course they are somehow able to literally turn into the metaphysical of course as OCD is an anxiety disorder, a mental illness that destroys lives. Shame on those writing the articles that require this kind of response: https://www.ocduk.org/response-to-wall-street-journal/

Personally I think it’s *ok to wipe food once home and throw away packets if you can in the current climate. It seems one of the many fairly common and proportional responses people are choosing to combat a shared short-term threat given available scientific data.

For anyone already struggling with anxiety, obsessions and compulsions about dirt and disease, or who has developed overwhelming intrusive thoughts and self/doubt, or a sense of disproportionate responsibility for an imagined and terrible oblivion...and so on...you need to know that you can get help with this.

These thoughts *love* rationalisation and before you know it you can spend a lot of your life compulsive worrying or behaving in ways to ‘handle’.

The first step in getting help in my experience is taking about it, with someone you trust. I know that sounds easy, it’s not, but it’s worth it. How ever horrible or meaningful you believe the thoughts are, sharing them takes away their power somewhat. The next step is receiving signposts for further support (some are below).



At the moment it may be hard (near impossible) to reach your GP or MH services but don’t let this put you off.

Reaching out for help however you do this is a sign of strength as you take responsibility for your mental health.

Something the gen pop could do with learning imho as we all have mental health.

The more we do this and the more we can be open about this and challenge stereotypes the more courage we give those in the gen pop to do the same, should they or someone they know need support in future.


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