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Poem: “I hear you. I’m here.”

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Focus on the now, lighten up, cheer up,

Just think about others that are much worse off.

Worrying doesn’t change things, try harder and you’ll see

The worst will never happen, what will be will be.

Pull yourself together, cos the glass is half full,

Count your blessings, pull your socks up, or someone else will!

Get some perspective, lighten up or you’ll find

Feeling sorry for yourself is just no good for the mind.

Everyone gets anxious, has bad days don’t you know?

But not everyone decides to put them on show…

Try thinking positive and less about yourself,

No one likes selfishness and its bad for your health.

”Why can’t I do that?” you wonder inside

As each time you hear this, part of you dies.

You feel even lower, remaining strength draining fast,

Lonely, exhausted, and this wont be the last.

You want to say calmly “But the problem, you see

Is that most of my battles are in fact with me.

And all you well meant suggestions, they only provide

Fuel to the critic, corroding me from the inside.

I don’t want to be like this, I battle each day

To keep myself going, to survive, to remain.”

Instead of advice, its much better to say

“I hear you. I’m here” in any which way.

I hope my words are heard as meant,

Talking and writing are my way to vent!

You don’t need to fix me, just listening is key

To breaking down stigma, helping me to be free,

Not of pain, but of shame of a need to express

The bad, the good, the whole hot mess!

Another poem by Lena Britnell

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