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Poem: All I have is this

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Just one beer, seemed a good idea

Until it led to another.

Two led to three, numbed as need be

Pushing bad thoughts undercover.

Bad dreams, restless sleep

Self-forgotten and forlorn again.

This morning I’m sneezing, my mind madly reeling

Yet nothing outside seems changed.

I feel half of myself, just fragments of health

Left from the progress I’d made.

Why can’t I duly, do the things that are truly

On the path of a life lived unafraid.

Why do I write this? It was only three drinks

And others can have that that with lunch!

So I’m going to stop whining, and practice declining

Perhaps (for me) some is always too much.

by Lena Britnell

28-06-18 but could be any goddamn day

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