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Social Media for Well-being: Hide and seek (Tip 5)

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Have a reshuffle and place all social media app away from your devices home page. This one really works quickly.

When I first did this in January and February this year I noticed a massive difference in how much I was accessing and perusing social media.

To start with I went cold turkey; I don’t mean that I suspended my accounts but I stopped posting for a month and to make the withdrawal easier I removed the apps from my phone and tablet. I survived a month without being online and you can too.

When I signed back on in February, instead of reinstating the apps I used my web browser each time meaning I had to type in the web address and log ins when I wanted to see my Twitter feed, or post on Facebook or Instagram.

Whether it was being mindful or just pure laziness in avoiding the extra clicks and steps, this meant I was probably checking my feeds about twice per day instead of every time I had a spare minute like when waiting for a queue, for the kettle to boil or basically whenever my mind began to wander.

My presence online in February this year was therefore reduced, I missed things but did I miss anything crucial to my real life? No. A brief social media holiday and a reduction in activity overall helped me reset my relationship with my devices and helped me see that I am more than my online self.

I now have the apps reinstated on my devices but away from the home page (on page 3 so I have to unlock then scroll) and I am much more mindful when I get into what I call the ‘scrolling zone’ and try and cut it short as it really is time wasted.

Why not give it a go? Or just move those apps and see how you feel after a week or so…

I hope you have enjoyed this series of Social Media Tips for Wellbeing. Do get in touch and let me know if any of these worked for you or if you have other suggestions you’d like me to try and share.

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