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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I have recently started an MSc in Positive Psychology which marks the first time I am properly studying proper stuff since I first graduated from the degree from hell over 15 years ago. I am doing the course part time and at a distance, with the first of a series of workshops coming up this weekend (v excited!).

The differences in my learning experiences compared with my first degree so far are: - I am enjoying myself!

- I don't wonder all the time why I am putting myself through it

- It feels voluntary (hang on, wasn't it last time?!)

- no Central and Piccadilly line commute :)

- plus! fascinating subject matter I even read in my spare time

- social media is used to disseminate resources and articles (there must have been a time without Twitter & Facebook but it fades into memory)

- no weekly problems sets or periodic threats of being excluded from exams for late or missing work (yes really)

I do have homework though, so far interesting and thought provoking questions to answer like 'What makes me happy?' and 'What would make me happier?'. So far I have gotten as far as completing the various happiness level questionnaires which have revealed that a. I may be depressed b. I am definitely moderate-severely depressed and c. improving my happiness level is around 40% within my control.

Perverse as it may seem - this is all good news! If scientifically based tests had revealed I was anything other than suffering from depression I would certainly not trust them and these were spot on.

It doesn't make the homework any easier knowing I could be happier as the books cant give you the magic answer. So far these homework questions...are proving as hard as those Linear Algebra problem sets!

Wish me luck.

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