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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I was able to make some great progress at my last two classes - working on sets of four blocks at a time I was able to choose fabrics, cut the pieces and get them sewn. I chose the most simple blocks (no triangles!) and had to keep my head down mind!

I absolutely love Tula's sketches next to each block - it was one of the reasons I decided to sign up for another year of the classes.

The fabric I am using for my quilt differs from that used in the examples and in some cases is quite bright and clashy, it's interesting to see the impact an alternate colour scheme has on these quite plain block designs.

For example this is my version of the above design I called 'Humour'.

The other three blocks I named Honesty (red 4 stripes), Perspective (increasing squares) and Prudence (with central flower). Each of the blocks is named with one of the www.viacharacter.org virtues in honour of my MAPP studies).

Below you can see them alongside the book's examples (apologies for the bad photos, my phone is in need of an upgrade). Don't look to closely at the right angles either.

I tried to think about each virtue as I constructed the block which made for a very serene of not productive sewing class this week. Next week...Gratitude and Zest.

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